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Bachchan Bol: How rapidly science makes the distant near and the near distant?

April 8, 2015

विज्ञान कितनी जल्दी दूर को निकट और निकट को दूर कर देता है …।

Vigyaan kitni jaldi door ko nikat aur nikat ko door kar deta hai …

( expressed by my Father, when he travelled to London for his PhD in 1952, and discovered that by the time my Mother, who had gone to see him off at the airport in Mumbai, could return to Allahabad by train, he had reached London and his telegram of arrival had at the same moment reached Allahabad for my Mother )
It had taken him 18.5 hours to reach London by plane !!

How would he have reacted to today's communication and its speed and speed of travel .. ???